The membership grades are classified as follows:

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Hon. Companion:

This grade of the highest order of the Institute is conferred to prominent leaders in recognition of their contribution in advancing economic, technological, social, cultural, and political progress and promoting collaboration across boundaries.


This is the top honor grade of the Institute. This highest accolade is presented to prominent leaders who are actively contributing to international management in the private, public or voluntary sectors and who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and promoted best practice through personal vision and involvement.

Hon Fellow:(Hon FIIM)

This grade is awarded by invitation only, at the discretion of the Executive Council, to individuals who have demonstrated prominent achievement in the practice of management or administration within the industry or activity in which they operate, particularly at cross-national level.

Life Fellow:FIIM (L)

This grade is awarded by invitation only to Fellows who have distinguished themselves in their respective disciplines.


This grade will be applicable to those who meet all the criteria for the Full Member grade and who also possess successful track records in general management of substantial scope and duration at senior level in organisations of significance.


This grade is normally for those who possess a Master degree or above, with a minimum of three years management experience. Those with a Bachelor degree and who have extensive management experience may be considered on exceptional ground.


This is a development grade for those who possess an approved management,  an academic or professional qualification but have not yet met the experience criteria for higher membership grade. It may also be appropriate for individuals whose qualifications do not have a sufficiently high weighting factor and therefore, to compensate for this , they are required to gain a longer operiod of proven management experience.


This grade is provided to encompass all those who wish to be indentified with the aims of the Institute and who are not operating primarily in a management capacity, or do not have appropriate qualifications.

Student :

Full-time and part-time students pursuing recognised management and business studies programmes.

Company :

A company member shall be an organisation that satisfies the Membership Assessment Panel that it is actively promoting management excellence internally and externally, or is providing education/training in management learning, and is interested in  supporting the objectives of the Institute.


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